Despite the shadow of COVID-19, KID has achieved a lot the past year and we are excited to share it with you in our FY 2021 Annual Report (June 2020 to May 2021). Our staff found new, creative ways to work from home and stay connected. Through events, such as our first Virtual Best Friend Award Night and Zoom trivia night fundraiser, and product safety webinars, KID pushed our mission towards an online format while staying just as engaged with our supporters and the families that rely on us for safety materials.

Throughout the year, we remained dedicated to advocating on behalf of our littlest consumers. We joined consumer, medical, and parent groups calling on Congress to pass the STURDY Act and the Safe Sleep for Babies Act to protect kids from dresser tip-overs, inclined sleep products, and padded crib bumper pads.

We have made large strides with our new programs such as our Design Safety Toolkit, which will provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with the information and tools they need to design products safer. We expect to complete the first phase of the toolkit next Spring. With the support of a great team of IT volunteers, we’re developing, a browser extension that allows shoppers to view recalls, incident reports and injury information while shopping online at Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

KID also published our yearly report analyzing data and trends in children’s products that have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This year, Tracking Trends: Children’s Product Recalls in 2020 found an increase in recalls of unstable dressers and products containing excessive levels of lead. Based on our research, KID urges policymakers and the CPSC to develop strong mandatory furniture safety standards to prevent tip-overs, and calls on recalling companies to prioritize recall effectiveness by using all tools available to publicize recalls.

To learn more about KID’s achievements, read our FY 2021 Annual Report

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