Videos and Workshops



Safe from the Start is a six-minute DVD covering the essentials of children’s product safety and the Three Steps to Safety parents and caregivers can take to protect children from unsafe products.

Available in an English or Spanish language version. Click here to download the order form. This video is ideal for staff trainings, looping videos for patient waiting rooms or maternity centers, and educational events for parents and child care providers.

Watch our latest safe sleep video below as a doctor educates an expectant mom about the ABCs of sleep, KID’s principle of safe sleep, and learning about recalls.

Here’s a shorter version of the safe sleep video that you can share on social media.

For a brief overview of KID, check out our 40-second video. To preview this and all of KID’s videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


KID’s video Public Service Announcement (PSA) is available to spread the word about children’s product safety. This one-minute PSA gives an overview of the problem of unsafe children’s products and Three Steps to Safety.

Host a workshop

KID’s educational workshop, Creating Safe Environments for Children outlines the problem of unsafe children’s products, identifies specific product hazards, and provides participants with concrete tools and resources to identify and remove unsafe children’s products. It is a flexible and interactive presentation which can be adapted for a variety of audiences. Each participant receives KID’s Product Safety Guide– a comprehensive booklet on children’s product safety. Take a look at the reviews of past workshop participants.

In 2017, we debuted our second signature workshop: Is This Safe? A step-by-step guide to assessing infant sleep products. With all of the new products appearing on store shelves, it can be difficult for parents and caregivers to make the safest choices when it comes to infant sleep environments. This presentation will walk participants through an 8-step checklist to quickly evaluate the safety of any infant sleep product. Each participant receives a copy of our Safe Sleep Checklist — a highly useful handout designed to help parents and caregivers assess the safety of any infant sleep product. View the full presentation here.

If you would like to host a safety workshop at your facility or for your organization, contact us or call (312) 595-0649.


If you are not able to attend a workshop in person, consider viewing the Safe Sleep: Best Practices and Talking to Caregivers webinar. This course is 15 minutes long, available 24/7 and will:

  • Teach parents and caregivers about the realities of sudden unexpected infant death syndrome (SUID’s)
  • Define and review safe sleep for babies
    • Review the A, B, C’s of safe sleep
  • Present recommendations for avoiding safety hazards and how to address parents and caregivers that might be putting children at risk

As with all our webinars, this webinar is free and accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more about child safety. You may access the webinar online here, or find it on our YouTube page.

Creating Safe Environments for Children is another KID webinar that is a great alternative if you simply cannot attend one of our informative workshops. This 20-minute course is available 24/7 online and will:

  • Present a brief overview of the U.S. product safety system
  • Detail specific product safety hazards
  • Describe KID’s 3 steps to safety, including resources to keep kids safe

The webinar is free and can be used by anyone who wants to learn more about child product safety. Access the webinar online here (Note: You will need headphones to adequately hear the presentation) Contact us for accompanying educational materials.

Request a workshop kit

The Creating Safe Environments for Children Workshop Kit is a presentation that can be used by those looking to educate others in their community about child product safety or those looking to incorporate a child product safety message into their current training.  The speaker’s kit includes:

  • Informational workshop flyer (to recruit participants)
  • Product Safety guides for each participant
  • Workshop outline (including pre and post activities)
  • Presentation slides
  • Certificates of completion

In addition, KID will provide support and consultation as you review the materials and prepare for your presentation. Download the workshop order form.