Yesterday, the CPSC held an all day meeting with stakeholders to explain their plans for implementation of the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. While the room was dominated by manufacturers and their lawyers, most major consumer organizations also attended to hear the presentation. CPSC has an ambitious schedule of rulemaking and deadlines for new requirements, some as early as next week. Many questions remain, including what the timeline for new standards for juvenile products will be and what manufacturers can do with current inventory that violates the new law. CPSC acknowledged that under their current plans, consumers will have no way to distinguish products certified as safe by the manufacturer and those that aren’t. KID calls on the CPSC, retailers and manufacturers to address this problem so consumers aren’t unaware of the safety risks of the products they are buying.

Got a question about the new law and how it affects children’s safety? You can ask CPSC through a new form on their website.