Since 2001, KID has published a review and analysis of children's products recalled that year. 

Additionally, KID regularly writes research reports on specific hazards such as fire and burn hazards, lead poisoning, sleep environment safety, public opinion on safety issues, or recall track records of major manufacturers.

Annual reports on CPSC Recalls of Children’s Products

Additional research reports

Case Studies

Read the case study written by David Zivan,
The Playskool Travel-Lite Crib “which discusses the design, development, marketing, sale, and recall of the Playskool Travel-Lite”.

“This case is free of charge: it is in the public domain and may be downloaded and reproduced without permission, thanks to the generosity of the James S. Kemper Foundation, which provided an Ethics in Business Grant to the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.”

A two-page flyer summarizing the case study is also available in pdf format.