Fighting for Children’s Product Safety

KID’s mission is to save lives by enhancing transparency and accountability through safer product development, better education and stronger advocacy for children. 

You can help locally and nationally to make this a reality.

Protecting children from dangerous products requires us all to take action. In the home and childcare facilities we can create safe environments and provide appropriate supervision. But it takes more than that—for if products present unknown hazards or not enough is done to make products safe, supervision alone won’t keep your child safe.

Three Action Steps

1 – Educate yourself and others

KID’s website is a great first step to learning about product safety and how to keep children safe. Share the information you find with other parents, child care providers and your community.

2 – Report problems with products and processes

If you have a problem with a product, report it to Then, not only can the US Consumer Product Safety Commission review the incident and take action, but other parents and caregivers can read about it to protect their children. If you are taking part in a recall and the manufacturer is not responsive, let CPSC know that as well. Report to stores—secondhand or not—if you see a recalled product for sale or other hazardous products.

3 – Tell elected officials and government agencies to put children’s safety first

It can be as simple as an email to your Congressional Representative or US Senator telling them to fully fund and support CPSC to protect our children from dangerous cribs, toys and other products. Or, sign up for our KID Action Team to take monthly action on emerging issues. Watch KID’s blog and News page to see what current issue needs your attention.

Take Action