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KID News

KID provides brief updates on current children’s product safety information and events. 

For more frequent news, visit the KID blog.


KID on the recall of Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

April 2019 KID is relieved to see Fisher-Price recall all 4.7 million of the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.  That means it cannot be sold – new or used—legally.  We urge consumers to participate in the recall and get this dangerous sleep product out of homes and child care facilities.  However, we are disappointed with the quality of the remedy in this recall. It will not encourage full participation which should be the goal of a recall.  We urge Fisher-Price to extend the time of the refund offer to a minimum of three years and increase the value of the vouchers to incentivize consumers to participate.

Questions?  Reach out to Nancy Cowles via email or call 312.595.0649.

  • KID releases recall report analyzing 2018 children’s product recalls

    March 2019Key findings of the new report: the number of children’s product recalls in 2018 (52 recalls) decreased 44% from 2017 (93 recalls), the lowest in at least 10 years; CPSC and manufacturers posted recalls on Facebook at lower rates in 2018 compared to 2017; there were no furniture recalls in 2018 despite CPSC stating that one child dies every 10 days from a furniture or TV tip-over. Read more.

    • KID’s statement on misguided CPSC settlement with Britax regarding hazardous strollers

      November 2018KID released a statement along with CFA expressing disappointment with the CPSC’s recent settlement agreement with Britax concerning hazardous strollers. The terms of the settlement are bad for consumers – among other things, it doesn’t refer to this as an actual “recall” and the remedies are inadequate. Read more.

    • KID releases new report on Halloween product safety

      October 2018KID released a new report on hazardous Halloween products, both recalled and still on the market, as well as of injuries related to the night of the holiday itself. The report details the amount of Halloween product recalls in the past 10 years, consumer reports on dangerous Halloween related items, and data concerning minors injured or killed in motor-vehicle accidents on Halloween. Read more.

    • KID and other groups send letter on CPSC FY 19 Operating Plan

      October 2018KID joins with other consumer groups to send a letter to the CPSC highlighting our priorities in the Fiscal Year 2019 Operating Plan. The groups wrote of the importance of mandatory standards, work on furniture tip-over prevention and other priorities. Read more.

    • Today marks the 10th anniversary of landmark consumer safety legislation

      AUGUST 2018 KID joins with other advocates to mark the 10th anniversary of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. In the ten years since Danny’s Law was adopted, countless families have been saved heartache because safe cribs and other children’s products are on store shelves. Read more.

    • KID marks the 10th Anniversary of Danny’s Law

      AUGUST 2018 KID was joined by Congressional Representatives Rush & Schakowsky and other child safety advocates to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). In addition to recounting the safety achievements of the Act, KID released new research on the consumer database.  Read more.

    • KID, advocates and parents call for more action on 2nd anniversary of IKEA recall

      JUNE 2018 KID, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Reports, Shane’s Foundation and parents mark the second anniversary of the recall of 27 million unstable dressers by calling for more action from IKEA and the CPSC. Read more.

    • KID joins other consumer groups to call for more action on dangerous incline sleepers

      JUNE 2018KID joined with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Reports and the Consumers Union to send a letter to the US CPSC Acting Chairman Buerkle, calling for greater transparency in inherently unsafe incline sleeping products. The groups also sought to remind the CPSC that their message on safe sleep should be clear: a bare crib is best and babies should be placed flat on their backs for sleep. Read more.

    • KID marks 20th anniversary and honors co-founders at 2018 Best Friend Award Night

      MAY 2018We are proud to be honoring our co-founders, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar during our 20th anniversary year. Linda and Boaz founded KID after discovering that the death of their son Danny in a recalled portable crib was not an accident but the result of a flawed system. Devastated by the loss of their son and the injustice of the recall system, Linda and Boaz mobilized their grief into action. They founded KID in an effort to improve recall effectiveness and educate other parents about the dangers of unsafe children’s products. Read more.

    • KID testifies on CPSC priorities

      APRIL 2018KID testified at the US CPSC annual priorities hearing, an opportunity for organizations, businesses and individuals to give input into the CPSC’s priorities for the coming year. KID focused our comments on transparency, innovation and regulation; urging CPSC to improve use and function of, use innovation to get more recalled products out of homes and encourage better sharing of data with the public among other things. Read more.

    • New report shows jump in recalls, while incidents and injuries decrease


      APRIL 2018 KID’s recent recall report evaluates trends in 2017 recalls and challenges to assessing the effectiveness of 2016 recalls. Though incidents and injuries decreased from a spike in 2016, adequate progress has not been made compared to decade averages. Read more.

    • KID joins with CFA to call for more action on deadly & unstable IKEA recalled dressers


      November 2017CPSC and IKEA reannounced the recall of IKEA dressers after reports of an 8th death. But KID and Consumer Federation of America are calling on both to do more to assure they reach families still using the deadly and unstable dressers in their homes. Read More.

    • Consumer groups call for more action after an eighth death from recalled IKEA dressers is announced


      October 2017KID has joined with other consumer groups in calling for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and IKEA to take more action to remove deadly recalled IKEA Malm and other dressers from homes. An eighth death from the recalled dressers was made public today. A two-year-old boy in California died in May. Read More.

    • New report shows increases in the number of children’s products recalled for fire and burn hazards


      September 2017KID published a report on children’s products recalled for fire and burn hazards in the past 10 years to raise awareness and promote safety. In addition to reporting on dangerous products, Playing with Fire Hazards analyzes trends, such as the large number of products that are recalled for violating federal flammability standards and the emerging hazard of lithium-ion batteries. Read More.

    • Consumer groups call on IKEA and CPSC to increase efforts to retrieve dangerous dressers


      June 2017KID joined with Consumer Federation of America, Shane’s Foundation and parent advocate Janet McGee to send a letter to US CPSC Acting Chairman Buerkle, asking her to work with IKEA on the anniversary of the IKEA recall of 29 million dressers. The groups are looking for more efforts to retrieve millions of dangerous dressers. Read More.

    • Shawn Kasserman elected to lead Kids In Danger


      June 2017KID announces the election of Shawn Kasserman, Partner at Tomasik Kotin Kasserman as the organization’s president. Shawn has been committed to KID’s mission since the early days of the organization and continues to work passionately for our cause. Read More.

    • KID joins other safety groups urging consumers to use only hoverboards that meet the latest UL 2272 Standard


      June 2017KID, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Consumer Federation of America advise consumers to continue to exercise caution when purchasing, using, storing or charging hoverboards. Hoverboard continue to present many safety hazards. Read More.

    • KID interns, staff publish peer-reviewed journal article on choking hazards


      May 2017KID’s former interns Athena Neofotistos and Ragini Sharma, along with KID ED Nancy Cowles have published a peer reviewed article in the International Journal of Pediatrics entitled, “Choking Hazards: Are Current Product Testing Methods for Small Parts Adequate?” Read More.

    • New report shows increase in recalls, injuries and deaths


      April 2017KID looked at recalls in 2016 and the effectiveness of recalls in 2015. The good news is no recalls of cribs for the first time in a decade and more use of social media to share recall information. Bad news — recalls, incidents and injuries all up. Read More.


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