Why Advocate?

Protecting children from dangerous products means changing the children’s product safety system.

KID has worked since its inception to convince policymakers to address safety standards and recall procedures. With a concerted effort by the government, consumer advocates and concerned individuals, we are changing the system and improving product safety.

On a national level, KID is working to protect the landmark provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 and to improve CPSC’s recall effectiveness. KID also participates in the ASTM standards setting process to strengthen voluntary standards for children’s products. In the states, we are working with local advocates to improve product safety both in homes and in child care facilities. And locally, KID works to encourage local policymakers to examine how they can keep the children in their community safe.

Most recently, in 2022, KID successfully advocated with a coalition of consumer groups and parent-advocates for a series of child safety bills in Congress: Safe Sleep for Babies Act, Reese’s Law, and the STURDY Act which protects children from unsafe sleep products, button and coin cell battery ingestion, and furniture tip-overs. Currently, we’re working to get Congress to pass the Ban Water Beads Act and Esther’s Law, which will ban the sale of water beads marketed to children. Read more advocacy updates at KID’s News page.

Add your voice to the call for safer children’s products.

Join the KID Action Team!

KID is happy to present an opportunity to get more deeply involved in our mission.

A central part of that mission is to advocate for children with regulators and policymakers.  Our efforts have helped strengthen the children’s product safety system and kept children safe.  But we have more to do and want you to help.  We are creating the KID Action Team to strengthen our efforts.

What is the KID Action Team? It is volunteers who are willing to get involved and take action on specific issues as they arise. When a safety measure is being considered in Congress, a state legislature or at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), KID will activate the team and provide background information and needed action.

Examples might include:

  • Calling your state legislator’s office to share your position on a pending bill
  • Emailing or writing a letter to the chair of a Congressional committee to support improved safety regulations
  • Reaching out to your elected officials to urge them to help address hazards with legislation

KID will contact our team regularly regarding ways to help. We will send these opportunities out through email and post via our social media outlets.

Your Voice DOES Make a Difference!

Join Today!

Contact us if you have questions.  We look forward to multiplying our voice and ensuring safety for our children. You can also check out KID’s 10 Ways to Advocate for even more information.