Product Registration

Registering your child’s products can save lives and prevent injury to your little ones. 

Registering products allows consumers to be alerted of product safety hazards or product recalls. Beginning in June 2010, it is required that registration cards are included in infant and toddler durable products (cribs, high chairs, strollers, baby gates, and infant slings); this allows many injuries and deaths to be prevented simply by keeping consumers informed. In 1995 Danny Keysar was fatally entrapped by a crib donated to his childcare agency, the crib had been recalled three years prior. Had the crib been registered, the childcare agency might have been alerted of the recall and Danny’s death might have been prevented.

Registering your product is fast and easy, it can be done online or by mail. Be sure to provide your email when registering your product. Product registration is the only way to ensure that you are personally notified if there is a safety alert or recall. If you encounter a problem when registering your product be sure to let the manufacturer know or contact us.

Make sure to inform the manufacturer immediately if you move, change your contact details, give away the product, or do not receive a card. If you don’t let the manufacturers know, they cannot do their part to inform you of any dangers involving the products.

Unsure of how to register your product? KID has compiled a list of common manufacturers and their registration information. Click to explore the Directory. Remember, you can still register used products. Under the 2010 rule, certain products are required to permanently display certain contact and identifying information. Using this information and KID’s directory, you can register your product right now.

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For a list of manufacturer product registration pages online click here.

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