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Our mission is to save lives through strong advocacy, better education, and safer product development. You can support this mission by giving a monthly donation as part of our GEM Club, a one-time donation, or any of the other options below.

Children need your help: support KID’s life-saving work

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Gem Club

The GEM Club (Giving Every Month club) is the most impactful way that you can support KID’s work. Sign up here, encourage your friends to sign up, and you can support KID for as little as $10 per month. KID is dedicated to keeping children safe, but we need your support!

Multiply Your Gift to KID with Matching Programs

Many companies have matching gift programs through which they match charitable contributions made by their employees. Check with your company’s human resources office to see if they offer gift matching, or call KID at 312/595-0649.
CFC #42080, SECA #911-0865, Tax ID #36-4234906

Planned Giving

Leaving a legacy in your will is a special way of making sure your gift helps protect future generations. Click here to learn about your options. Let us know about your plans and call us (312-595-0649) or email us to get started.

Donate by Mail

You can send a check payable to “Kids In Danger” to our office:
Kids in Danger
116 W. Illinois Street, Suite 4E
Chicago, IL 60654

Thank you!

Tyler’s Teddies

Do you want to help raise money for KID at your school? Tyler’s Teddies is a fundraiser that was started by middle school teacher Michele Witte after her son, Tyler, died when he was 10 months old after being entrapped by a faulty drop-side crib. His story has people all over America paying it forward by raising awareness and supporting laws that keep kids safe! Those who purchase a teddy are encouraged to either keep it and promise to share kindness or give it to a family member or friend and ask them to do a random act of kindness in return, and the proceeds go to KID.

This is a perfect fundraising activity for a school classroom, club, or community to organize. If you’re interested in organizing your own Tyler’s Teddies fundraiser to benefit KID at your school, click here for more information and contact us to get started.

More ways to give

Financial giving is not the only way to support KID. Click here for more information about how to show your support in other ways, and visit our volunteer page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Donation FAQ

Is my donation to KID tax-deductible?
Yes. Kids in Danger is a not-for-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

When I donate online, what shows up on my statement?
This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as DON* Kids In Danger. Kids In Danger has partnered with GiveDirect to securely process online payments.

Is my online donation transaction secure?
All information collected by GiveDirect is securely processed and stored. We take many measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your information. We use encryption technology to ensure the safe transmission and storage of your information. Your personal information and donation amount is shared with Kids In Danger, but no information is shared with third parties by selling, giving, trading or any other method. Users of this site will not receive unsolicited contact from third parties.

Do I get a receipt?
A printable receipt page is displayed on your computer screen at the end of your transaction. We will also email a receipt to the email address you provide. For a recurring transaction, a receipt is emailed to you each month, quarter, or year after the transaction processes.

Other FAQ

Why can’t I find KID on Charity Navigator?
Due to our small size, we are too small to meet the requirements to be listed on Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator requires revenue of over a million dollars annually.

Is there somewhere else that I can find information about KID and offer my own review?
Yes. You can find KID on GuideStar. GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. Check us out! You can also leave a review on Facebook and like our page.

How can I contact you?

Contact us here

116 W. Illinois, Ste. 4E
Chicago, IL 60654