Summer means fun activities near the water or at the park, but CPSC warns that summer is also the time of year when the most injuries occur. Follow KID’s summer safety tips to avoid risk of accident and injury.

Children should be watched at all times when near or in water. Drowning accidents can happen even if the child can swim. Over 200 young children drown in backyard pools each year. If you have a home pool, be sure to read the American Red Cross safety guidelines. Pools should be separated from the house and surrounded by a fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate. Pool owners should be trained in CPR. Remember, large inflatable pools pose the same risks as in-ground pools. When a child is missing, check the pool first.

Stay up to date on recalled products. On July 2, Aqua-Leisure Industries recalled 4 million inflatable baby floats because leg strap could tear, causing children to fall into or under water. Other outdoor products recalled this summer include 1,800 Outdoor Playset Gliders due to fall hazard caused by insecure retaining rings and 1,200 sets of Orangatang Skateboard Wheels which can separate, causing serious injury to riders.

Are you planning a road trip? When driving, always always use a car seat for infants and children under 40 pounds. Infants under one year and under 20 pounds must ride rear-facing, experts now recommend keeping a child rear facing for as long as possible. Children between 40-80 pounds should use an approved booster seat. A secure safety seat is also advised when traveling by plane. Visit for more car seat information. Check products used at Grandma’s or the hotel for recalls and make sure all parts are properly assembled.