Does your child (or their child care facility or school) have a toy tool set from Little Tikes that contains these nails? If so, discontinue use immediately. The nails are a choking hazard — one eleven month old boy had to be hospitalized when the nail lodged in his throat.

The nails are part of four different workbenches and a toolset that came with a ride-on pick-up truck sold from March 1994 (!) through this summer. A total of 1.6 million toys are involved in the recall.

Contact Little Tikes for free replacement nails.

A similarly designed nail in a Playskool workbench that led to two deaths was recalled in 2006. What took Little Tikes and CPSC so long to stop selling these?

Just a reminder — with the new safety provisions of the CPSIA, it is now illegal to sell any of these products with the hazardous nails.