Just about a year ago, CPSC and retailers recalled this Simplicity Bassinet as well as those sold under Graco and Disney names after learning of a second death in the poorly designed product. The first death took place almost 2 years ago in September 2007. Now CPSC is re-announcing the recall after they learned of 2 more deaths and two entrapments in the product.

The bassinet, designed (poorly) to convert to a bedside sleeper, leaves a gap that if not covered completely with the fabric cover, presenting an entrapment hazard. At least 4 babies have been caught in that gap and died.

Please, print out the notice from the CPSC today and/or forward this post to anyone you know who may be using this deadly product. Child care facilities, parents, grandparents, nurseries at places of worship, etc might all be using this, unaware of how dangerous it has proven to be.