As summer comes to an end and outdoor pools become a memory, parents and caregivers tend to put the fear of a drowning accident to the back of their mind. CPSC reminds families that drowning is not simply a seasonal concern. “For 2003-2005, CPSC staff received reports of an average of 90 children younger than 5 years of age drowned in bathtubs (62%), baby seats or bathinettes (15%), buckets and pails (11%), landscaping or yard products (6%) and other products (4%).”

The full article, CPSC Warns of In-Home Drowning Dangers with Bathtubs, Bathseats, Buckets reminds parents the importance of water safety and goes over key preventative measures to ensure children’s security. Simple, yet important tips like never leaving your child alone near water and keeping your child within arm’s reach when in a bathtub are outlined. Reminders are also given– children do not need to be submerged in water to drown! While the CPSC report contains information about baby bath seats, KID recommends against their use because of the increased likelihood that a baby will be left alone in a tub with the device.

Recalled water products may increase the likelihood of an accident. Being aware of any recently recalled items and following the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bath safety guidelines will help families to be safe and at ease all year round.