On Sunday, May 23, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gathered with parents and local officials to announce that she will be introducing legislation to ban drop-side designs of cribs. After 5 recalls this year alone — and over 7 million drop-side cribs recalled in the past three years — along with over 30 deaths, the Senator says it is time to protect consumers and ban the dangerous design.

This legislation, along with measures by a newly invigorated Consumer Product Safety Commission, will give parents the assurance they need that the crib they buy will keep their baby safe.

That is a goal that Michelle Witte has been working towards for 13 years, since her son Tyler died in a drop-side crib. She was joined at the press conference by the parents of Bobby Cirigliano (pictured above) who died in 2004 when his dropside crib came apart.

Through the efforts of these parents, New York has taken a lead on this issue with several counties banning drop-side cribs and a state bill pending. The Gillibrand bill will make the ban national.