CPSC and Jardine announced today that another 96,000 Jardine cribs, sold through this month, have been recalled because of slat breakage. This is the second expansion of the original recall, bringing the total number of cribs recalled to just under half a million.

Combined, CPSC is reporting 92 reports of broken slats, with 7 incidents involving entrapments or a child falling out through the broken slats. In 19 of the cases, the child is reported as breaking the slat while in the crib (a new generation of Popeyes perhaps?).

The models recalled today are additional models or manufacturing lots not covered in the first two recalls. So it is possible that someone is now having to replace their third Jardine crib — my advice? Go for another brand! As we saw with Simplicity cribs, once a manufacturer has one large crib recall based on a design defect, it is likely more will be recalled in the future. If you have had experiences with this recall, please share in comments!