Make safety a part of your Grandparents Day celebrations! Grandparents and older relatives serve as teachers, caregivers, and pillars of the family. They are a rich source of wisdom and heritage. It is crucial that these important family members have up-to-date information on child product safety.

This year’s Grandparents Day marks the launch of The Debby Sayah Grandparent Outreach Project, an educational campaign to give grandparents the tools and information to keep grandchildren safe from dangerous, recalled products. The program is named for Debby Sayah, mother of KID board member Judy Sage. Her grandson, Andy, suffocated on a foam sleep positioner in 2002.

Check out the safety suggestions in our Grandparents Day email and forward it to others. More materials and opportunities will become available in the near future. Contact Sarah with comments, ideas, and feedback on the program, or if you would like to receive updates on new activities and resources.