Today Toys “R” Us has announced their second-ever “Great Trade-In” Event, an initiative designed to help parents replace potentially dangerous used children’s products with new ones. The event will begin Friday January 29 and end Saturday February 20.

Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us will offer a 25% discount on selected new products when parents return their used products. Eligible items include cribs, car seats, bassinets, strollers, travel systems, play yards, high chairs and toddler beds.

KID suggests to take advantage of the opportunity. The drop-side crib, for example, has been notoriously dangerous over the years but has only recently been banned since last December.
“Exchanges such as the Toys “R” Us program go a long way to help”, says Nancy Cowles, Executive Director of KID, referring to the number of dangerous sleep products that still remain in homes.

Toys “R” Us has no restrictions on number of trade-ins and will also accommodate bulk exchanges from childcare facilities and other organizations.

Before visiting the store, we suggest you visit the CPSC website to check if any of your items have been recalled. If so, you may be eligibile for a full refund.