With the new crib standards from CPSC published in the Federal Register last month, dates are now firm for compliance. The effective date of the standard is June 28, 2011. By that date all cribs sold — new or used — must meet the new standard. We’ll be watching for word from retailers and manufacturers who might meet that threshold sooner. The mandatory standards only contain a very few changes from the voluntary industry standard that is already in effect.

Because of the nature of cribs — children spend long hours, often unattended or at least assumed to be safe, in them — additional requirements are added to this standard. Any crib in a public accomodation — hotel, guest house or child care facility — must also meet the new standard. But CPSC extended that date by 18 months, giving facilities until December 28, 2012 to comply. Again, we’ll be watching for word from providers or larger chains who may comply sooner. Facilities using mesh sided portable cribs are not affected by this provision, although these cribs should be checked against the CPSC recall list and for any wear and tear damage that might make them unsafe.
This requirement might seem overwhelming to child care providers and there may be confusion about how to make sure the cribs currently being used are safe and how to comply with the new requirement by the deadline.
KID wants to help. We will be updating this blog regularly with information for providers and working with allies in the child care field to make sure all providers learn of the new standards and requirements and are given the information they need to comply.
We will also develop an email listserve just on child care and product safety issues, including the crib standards. To join this list, sign up here.