Blog pictureOn October 10, 2014, Kids in Danger founders Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar were honored by Lurie Children’s Hospital with the first ever Community Advocate Hope and Courage Award. Patrick Magoon, Lurie Children’s President and CEO, expressed that the award is meant to honor people who “embody the values of Hope and Courage as well, and their efforts [to build] stronger communities and safer, healthier environments for children.” The award was presented by Chicago’s First Lady, Amy Rule, who stands with the KID founders in committing to creating a safe environment for children.

Ms. Ginzel condemned the “giants who put profit ahead of our children’s safety” and offered her gratitude to Lurie Children’s and the other professionals and advocates who continue to fight for children’s health and safety, providing her and her family with hope and courage every day. Ms. Ginzel and Mr. Keysar were presented with a work of art created by patients of Lurie Children’s in commemoration for their achievement. Others recognized were Jamarielle Ransom-Marks, a patient at Lurie Children’s, and United States Senator Richard J. Durbin.