cribassemblyWhat you’ll buy for baby:

Being a parent or caregiver isn’t just a lot of work; it’s also a large investment. As you’re preparing your home for a new baby, you’ll need a crib, play yard, stroller, high chair, and toys. These products can be expensive. They can also pose risks to your child. At KID, we know that parents have a lot of responsibility, and it can be hard to keep track of the most recent safety standards and recalls. We’re here to help you keep your children safe from dangerous children’s products.

What you’ll need to look out for:

Cribs: When choosing a crib, make sure it was manufactured after June 28th, 2011 so that it meets the strongest safety standards. Drop-side cribs do not meet mandatory crib safety standards and should not be used. Follow a Bare is Best policy when baby is sleeping and eliminate all soft bedding, bumper pads, and blankets.

Play Yards:  Play yards made after February 28, 2013 meet the strongest safety standards. Make sure not to add mattresses in mesh-sided products, as these pose a suffocation risk. Use only the pad included with the product. As with the crib, follow a bare is best policy.

 Strollers and high chairs: should be stable and sturdy. Check for secure restraints or seat belts. For strollers, check that the brakes work and the wheels are securely attached. Watch out for hinges or mechanisms that might create a pinch point or laceration risk.

Toys: Watch out for loose parts, broken pieces, or sharp edges, and follow developmental age guidelines. A good rule of thumb:  If a toy fits within a toilet paper tube, then it poses a choking hazard to children under 3.

 For all products, check for recalls or consumer reports of problems at Visit our product hazards page for more info.

How KID can help new parents:

KID can help you keep track of safety news and the latest product recalls. Here’s how:

  •  Follow KID online on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute safety updates and recalls
  •  Subscribe to our monthly email alert to receive children’s product safety news at the beginning of each month
  •  Check org to see if a product has been recalled before buying it. When you open this page on your smartphone, you’ll find a search box at the top of our page where you can enter the product information.
  • Contact KID and the CPSC if you are having trouble with the manufacturer with your recalled product.