summer12Summer is here in all its glory. The warm sun and long days provide lots of time for you and the kids to play outside. With it also comes some unique injury trends, but don’t fear. We have collected information here for you on two of the top injury trends of summer:

Bounce Houses: It’s hard to resist jumping in these for adults and children alike. However, injury rates in inflatable amusements for children have been steadily increasing, rising from 5,311 emergency department visits in 2003 to 17,377 in 2013 according to the CPSC’s executive summary released in February. Most injuries, the CPSC reports, are limb fractures, although 12 deaths occurred in that ten year period. Several incidents have occurred involving bounce houses toppling over or becoming airborne due to high winds. If using a bounce house, make sure it is anchored, that children are supervised at all times, it is managed by professionals, and younger children are not in an inflatable full of older children.

Glow Sticks: A quick google search will reveal a lot of panicked parents wondering what to do when their child ingests liquid from a glow stick. These popular items are attractive to children, and therefore ingestion hazards are common. Luckily, the IL Poison Center assures parents that they are minimally toxic. Swallowing a mouthful of liquid will cause only minor mouth or throat irritation. Similarly, exposure to the skin will only cause minor irritation. Rinse the affected area immediately. However, if children show persistent vomiting, sores, or get liquid in their eyes, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. Keep these away from young children to avoid risk.

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