download1998: The year KID started after our founder’s son Danny was killed when his portable crib collapsed around his neck in his daycare facility.

19: The number of children we know have died in cribs with the same design as Danny’s.

2-3: The number of children’s products recalled weekly.

10%: The amount of recalled products that are ever returned or repaired – leaving about 90% of dangerous products in our homes or child care facilities or for sale online or elsewhere. See our report, A Decade of Data: An In-depth Look at 2014 and a Ten-Year Retrospective on Children’s Product Recalls.

336,100: The number of children rushed to the ER yearly because of children product or toy related incidents.

2010: The year the CPSC adopted the strongest crib standards in the world. (effective June, 28 2011)

24: The number of children’s product categories required to have safety standards as a result of Danny’s Law. 

10: The number of children’s product categories which don’t yet have a mandatory standard.

7: The number years since the passage of CPSIAlandmark federal safety legislation that KID championed. As a result, we now have:

  • The database;
  • Third-party pre-market testing for children’s products;
  • The reduction of lead in children’s products;
  • Strong mandatory standards for cribs and other infant and toddler products; and
  • A mandatory safety standard for children’s toys.

1 goal: To prevent death and injury as a result of unsafe and recalled products to our most vulnerable consumers – our children.