pacifierSince Danny’s Law passed in 2008, awareness of dangerous children’s products has spread and recall histories of leading children’s products manufacturers have come to light. It has become more vital than ever for the public—especially parents and caregivers—to be educated about dangerous products to keep children safe. KID has analyzed our top five blog posts to see what topics most interest our online community. Whether learning about pacifier safety standards or about the Toys“R”Us Great Trade-In Event, these top five KID blogs attract a broad audience of parents, caregivers, and concerned citizens.

Jun 30, 2008-Jun 30, 2016
Page Title Pageviews
Take A Closer Look At Your Baby’s Pacifier 55,566
The Great Trade-In Event 2015 16,656
Understanding The Nap Nanny Recall 12,790
Get Rid of Old infant Products At Toys”R”Us Great Trade-In Event 6,186
Peapod Recall: Don’t Use With Infants—Although That Warning is Hard to Find 5,305

KID’s most popular blog post is Take a Closer Look at Your Baby’s Pacifier, in which KID calls for a review of pacifier safety standards due to a pattern of incident and injury reports involving pacifiers. Over 55,000 have taken a look online. Statistics from 2012 demonstrate the frequency of reports and incidents that resulted in the pacifier being a choking hazard, a laceration hazard, or an ingestion hazard. Although the report was written in 2012, many of the concerns of this blog are still prevalent today—especially for parents and caregivers. KID recommends and encourages everyone to read more about pacifier standards and ways to prevent incidents.

Furthermore, two of our top five blogs (Toys “R” Us Great Trade-In Event and Get Rid of Old infant Products At Toys”R”Us Great Trade-In Event) discuss the impact of the Toys“R”Us Great Trade-In Event. Through our analysis, we found that our viewers took a special interest in the Great Trade-In Event. KID’s Facebook posts about this program have gained significant attention due to the beneficial influence of the Great Trade-In. This event allows consumers to return used nursery products in exchange for 25% off a new nursery item. Thus, parents and caregivers are given an incentive to trade out their old—or potentially dangerous—children’s products for newer products that meet the latest safety standards. Programs like the Great Trade-In Event are one way to remove dangerous products from use or the marketplace.

The top five blog posts also include reports that provide an in-depth analysis of three recalled products: the Bumbo seats, Maclaren stroller, and the Nap Nanny. After 84 incidents were reported—including 21 skull fractures—CPSC announced the recall of 4 million Bumbo infant seats. Reports indicated that babies had suffered skull fractures by tipping the seat over or by falling out. KID recommends all users of the Bumbo to refrain from using it unless you have installed a restraint strap. As for the Maclaren stroller recall, the stroller’s hinge mechanisms posed a serious risk of fingertip laceration and amputation for children, resulting in 15 incident reports. Even after the first recall in November 2009, Maclaren reported many additional reports of injuries, demonstrating the need to educate parents and caregivers about dangerous recalled products. Finally, KID also used our blog to answer a series of questions from our Facebook page about the Nap Nanny Recall. After we shared the news of the recall on our Facebook page, we received various comments and questions about the validity of the recall. Our blog goes into extensive detail in response to these questions. Spreading awareness about the safety hazards of the Nap Nanny as well as other products and ensuring safer homes and child-care facilities is always our first priority.

If you are interested in reading more about safety standards or dangerous recalled children’s products, check out these top five blog posts and stay up-to-date with the KID blog; you can also find useful information in our news and product hazards page. Happy reading!