This week at KID we celebrate the strides we have made in making recall and product safety information more accessible to parents and caregivers through our mobile site. Five years ago this week, we launched our mobile site* with the help of WeMakeitSafer and Table XI. The mobile site allows parents and caregivers have access to the latest recalls at their fingertips. Just as you’d look for reviews on a movie or restaurant before spending money, you can use the KID mobile site to check for safety information as you shop for children’s products.

Our mobile site was designed with caregivers in mind. We made sure that it was easy to use and works quickly for those in-the-moment decisions while shopping. Go to from your smartphone and type in the name or manufacturer of the product in the search bar at the top of the page. If that product has been recalled, information about the recall will come up immediately. You can even type in a product category such as ‘strollers’ to see all stroller recalls. In addition to recall searches, our mobile site offers the latest safety news, as well as access to KID’s full site.

KID’s mobile site is one online resource that parents and caregivers can use to stay informed about product safety. There are many other online resources designed to help caregivers keep children safe from dangerous products. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission was set up to protect consumers from unsafe products and hold manufacturers to high safety standards. Their website is updated in real-time with recall information, including the manufacturer, dates of the recall, and how to get a refund. CPSC also gathers information and displays statistics on product-related injuries, making clear the big picture of how unsafe products affect children.
    • You can use to search for recalled products and get information about what to do if you have a recalled product at home.
  • is the government’s product safety database. This tool makes reporting unsafe products and searching for recalls even easier for consumers. Consumers can use to report incidents or issues they have with potentially dangerous children’s products. Other consumers can then use the site’s user-friendly interface to stay up-to-date on important safety information, even before a product has been recalled. These incident reports are verified for accuracy, and they also inform the recall process.
    • You can use to report incidents or issues you have with any children’s product and see what other consumers have said about any product.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics is one of the leading organizations for pediatricians and child health research. They often produce research reports and publications about ground-breaking child product safety and safe sleep issues. Their safe sleep guidelines are updated regularly and include current recommendations for preventing Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).
    • You can use to see evidence-based research, publications, community initiatives, and policy suggestions made by well-renowned pediatricians.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Association works to inform the public about safety problems with any cars, tires or car seats, and how to get them fixed. Consumers can use their website to look for recall information related to car seats.
    • You can use to check for recalled car seats, read new car safety research, and report any problems you have with your car or car seats.

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*Note: although this mobile site was active for approximately 6 years, KID has replaced the mobile site with a new, renovated one that mirrors the laptop accessible site. In doing this, we make more of our services available to individuals who are looking into KID through their mobile devices, rather than a standard computer.