This New Years Eve at KID, we are recognizing the 21st
birthday of Danny Keysar. It’s impossible for us to know how
Danny would be celebrating this milestone – he was taken
from his family at 16 months by an unsafe crib. At the time,
the childcare facility where Danny was fatally entrapped had
no idea that Danny’s crib had been recalled 5 years earlier.
Danny was the crib’s 5th victim, and in total 19 children died
in cribs of that design. When Danny died nearly 20 years
ago, there were no laws regulating children’s products for
safety. KID has come a long way since then, and Danny’s story, along with our other
Family Voices, have provided the force necessary to change the landscape of product

Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar, Danny’s parents, founded KID after discovering that the
death of their son was not merely a tragic accident but the result of a deeply flawed
system. Devastated by the loss of their son and the injustice of the product safety
system, Linda and Boaz mobilized their grief into action. They founded KID in an effort
to improve recall effectiveness and educate other parents about the dangers of unsafe
children’s products. In the nearly 20 years since Linda and Boaz founded KID, thousands
of parents and caregivers have been educated on how to best protect their children
from unsafe products.

The support you give to KID honors Danny’s story and all others children who were
victims of preventable injuries or deaths due to unsafe children’s products. Equally
important, your support honors all children who, because of KID’s work, have grown up
safely and unharmed to celebrate their own milestones. This year, to commemorate
Danny’s birthday, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar will match all online gifts made
between now and the end of the year, so you can double your impact. Click here to
donate to KID and help to keep children safe from unsafe children’s products.