With summer (almost) in full swing, many families are taking time to plan vacations away from home, including staying at hotels and Airbnbs. It’s easy for parents to assume that all furniture in these locations are up to code and comply with safety regulations, even though cribs and other furniture in hotels and Airbnbs may be unsafe.

To have a safe and fun vacation follow the ABCs of safe sleep: Babies sleep safest Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib, bassinet, or play yard that hasn’t been recalled and meets the federal standard. There should not be any bumpers, pillows, or toys in the crib. Reach out to the hotel or Airbnb owner beforehand and ask for the crib make and model number, and do a quick search at SaferProducts.gov to ensure that it has not been recalled in recent years. A better option is to travel with a play yard that meets current standards and hasn’t been recalled – then you know it is safe.

If the hotel or Airbnb that your family is staying at has a pool or body of water near it, designate a water watcher whose sole responsibility is to supervise children anytime they are in or around water, without the distraction of smartphones or computers. Create a water watcher card, to ensure that the water watcher understands their responsibility and make it easy to pass the job around. KID has tips for drowning prevention, such as checking for pool drains, looking for recalls of pool items, ensuring that there is a proper self-locking fence around residential pools, and teaching children how to swim are also important in and around water – or check out PoolSafely.

Use the appropriate car seat anytime your child is in a vehicle, wherever you are. Check NHTSA’s site for recalls on car seats.

Furniture tip-overs are more common than you may suspect. One child dies every 10 days from a tip-over incident. Reach out to your Airbnb host or hotel manager to see if the furniture such as dressers and TV stands are anchored to the wall, and if not, request that they do so or find a location to stay where they anchor furniture.

We hope you have a fun a safe summer!