Get a fresh start to the new season with spring cleaning and some housekeeping. KID recommends using this time to:

  • Remove clutter in cribs. Get rid of excess bedding such as bumper pads, blankets, comforters, and toys. They can pose strangulation and suffocation hazards. Check out other products to see if they are for safe sleep with our Safe Sleep Checklist.
  • Secure your furniture. Ninety-four percent of furniture tip-over incidents happen at home, and children ages 2 to 5 are at highest risk. Anchor all furniture and televisions with brackets, braces, or wall straps. Visit for more information on tip-over prevention.
  • Keep dangerous household objects out of reach for children. Ordinary household items such as laundry packets, button or coin cell batteries, small powerful magnets, or liquid nicotine cause serious poisoning threats for children. Keep these objects in places children cannot reach. Read these tips to learn more about common sources of danger.
  • Be careful when taking care of your yard. Lawnmowers can pose a danger to children. Pick up any items that could become flying projectiles and do not let young children in the yard when mowing.

A new season is a great time to protect against some common preventable injuries, so let’s welcome these beautiful spring days safely. Share your tips for a safe spring in comments or on social media.