Update: Ely successfully completed his 50 mile walk on Monday, Sept. 18. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment, Ely! You can still make a donation for his efforts here.

Ely Keysar was just five years old when his brother Danny died from a poorly designed and recalled portable crib, which led to KID’s founding. In Danny’s honor and to raise funds to support KID’s life-saving mission, Ely is undertaking a 50-mile walk in Chicago on Monday, September 18. Support Ely at one of the four sponsorship levels or by making a donation of your choice.

Companies and individuals who donate $200 or more by September 5 will be named on Ely’s t-shirt that he will wear on the walk.

Sponsorship Levels:

$1,000 Sprinter | $500 Jogger | $200 Stroller | $100 Walking Buddy

Make a donation here.

About Ely Keysar

 After graduating from UC Berkeley, Ely spent five years playing poker full time. But that wasn’t risky enough, so he decided to try the world of publishing. The gag book How to Speak Internet: The Definitive Guide to Slang, Acronyms, & Other Social-Media Isms” is his first book. In his free time Ely enjoys leading an active lifestyle, and watching Cubs and Bulls games. Ely lives with his dog, Rizzo, and three pet jellyfish he hasn’t named yet because he can’t tell them apart.