This week, Mega Brands agreed to a settlement in a New Jersey Federal Court which would compensate consumers who purchased magnetic toys that were the subject of recalls in 2006 through 2008.  Dozens of children suffered serious injury and one died after ingesting or aspirating the magnets in the toys.

The settlement will refund purchase price for those who still have the product or proof of purchase and give smaller refunds to those who participated in the recall already.  The recall remedy was a replacement toy.  Over six million toys are involved.

It has been almost six years since Kenny died after ingesting magnets from a Magnetix building set and over five years since the first recall. If you still have any of these toys, please take advantage of this settlement to get them out of circulation once and for all.  Here is the settlement webpage with full information.  We’d love to hear back from consumers who participate to see how the process works.