Summer is here.  We all spend more time outdoors with our families in the summer enjoying seasonal activities. However, it is important to remember to keep children safe.  A few simple tips can go a long way in insuring your children have an enjoyable and safe summer.

KID has posted an updated Summer Safety flyer to give the latest safety tips and information.

You’ll find safety tips for yard sales, wheeling, soccer goals, pools, playgrounds, traveling with children, windows, and grilling safety. It’s always important to take the proper precautions when kids are playing outside or in the pool. Check out the updated flyer today and consider sharing it at childcare facilities or wherever parents and caregivers gather.  Also, be aware that KID released its new mobile website. The new site, accessible by visiting from any mobile device allows parents to access information about recalled products on the go, for example, when they are shopping at garage sales or checking if a crib is safe when traveling.