halloweenThursday is Halloween – a great night for fun and treats.  Take some simple precautions to avoid burns or other injuries. 

Halloween decorations such as Jack O’Lanterns and decorative candles can represent very dangerous fire hazards when you have children in costumes playing nearby.  Surprisingly, costumes are not required by law to be any more flame resistant than regular clothing.  In addition, items recalled previously, such as this Halloween flashlight, can also cause burns. 

Other possible injuries include falls cause by tripping over long flowing costumes or uneven pavement, incidents where children may be hit by a car or bike, or ingestion of non-edible ‘treats’ mistaken for candy. 

Here are some tips to keep children safe:

  • Avoid any accidents by making sure your child’s costume is both flame-resistant and tight-fitting.  Long flowing sleeves or raglike attachments can get too close to flames.
  • Use battery powered flashlights and imitation candle lights to avoid open flames.
  • Use face paint or hats for costumes as masks can block a child’s vision and lead to falls or failure to see vehicles in the roadway.  Avoid long costumes that might cause tripping.
  • Check Halloween items for recalls.  Here is a link to recent Halloween or costume related recalls

Here are more tips and a great poster from the CPSC.