mlkOn this day, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. King worked tirelessly towards a world future generations could live in peacefully, harmoniously and safely. We remember the courage and determination with which King fought for equality and recognize our own responsibility to give back.

Many nonprofits across the country take this opportunity to share with ways in which people can give back. Below are a few ways to give back by getting involved with KID:

  1. Volunteer– We are a small organization and with the help of our volunteers/interns we continue to make a huge impact in children’s product safety.
  1. Join the KID Action Team– Advocate for KID by contacting your state legislator and/or congress to help improve children’s product safety
  1. Join the KID Young Professionals Board – Help fundraise for KID and gain professional skills that will help you further in your career and with future Executive Board membership.