Recently, KID shared the stories of two young girls, Brianna and Ava that received a lot of attention online.  Both of these children were victims of safety hazards KID has been warning about for a long time but these hidden hazards were unknown to their families. See their stories below, an overview of the safety hazard in each case, and tips on what you can do to keep kids safe.

briannaBrianna– On December 28, two year old Brianna died after swallowing a button battery. Brianna was fine just days before, but then began to throw up blood and was running a mild fever. As so often the case with button battery ingestion, the culprit is not identified until it is too late.

Button batteries are difficult to manage because they are in so many common household items including: remote controls, digital thermometers, and even greeting cards made for children. Keep devices with batteries that are accessible without a tool away from small children.  If a child does ingest a battery, they will display flu like symptoms (throwing up, fever). If you suspect a child has ingested a battery, bring them to the emergency room immediately, even if there are no symptoms. For more information on button battery hazards and safety, watch this 3 minute video.

avaAva– Like many children, Ava was interested in a gift her dad recently received from overseas.  This item was a set of high powered magnets; each magnet about the size of a BB pellet.  Ava found a way to reach the magnets and swallowed 9 of them- mistaking them for cake decorations. Magnets like these are so strong that they attract to other magnets, even through body tissue. Ava is currently in intensive care in Texas.

Magnet sets like these have been banned by the CPSC but, as with many dangerous products, remain in homes, childcare facilities, and the resale market. These magnets are very appealing to children and even teenagers, who use them to mimic piercings. If you have a magnet set, get rid of it. No amount of precaution a caregiver can take will make these dangerous magnet sets safe around children.

KID will continue to advocate for the safety of children’s products by developing stronger safety standards and speaking out against unsafe products. If you are interested in adding your voice to ours, please consider joining the KID Action Team.