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  • #FamilyVoicesFriday: Remembering Bobby

    Posted on January 26, 2018

    When Bobby was just six months old, he was fatally entrapped and strangled by the rail of his drop-side crib. Today, this post is dedicated to Bobby and the work his family has done to ensure that no other family… Read More

  • #FamilyVoicesFriday: Tyler’s Story

    Posted on February 12, 2016

    On December 12, 1997, 10 month-old Tyler Jonathan lost his life to a faulty drop-side crib. On the morning of December 12th, Tyler’s mother found him with his neck caught between the side rail and headboard of his drop-side crib. Tyler’s mother… Read More

  • Abigail, Danny L, Jamie, Liam (Over 12 Million Cribs Recalled since 2007)

    Posted on August 27, 2015

    More infants die every year in cribs than from any other nursery product. There are many reasons why a child can die or be injured by a crib– today we are highlighting the stories of four. Abigail’s crib rails came… Read More

  • Did you know?

    Posted on July 7, 2015

    Parents and caregivers have a wealth of knowledge from experience about how to raise a child with love and care. However, there are many things relating to safety that may surprise you. Did you know there were no requirements for… Read More

  • Babies in Boxes? Finland’s method for combating infant mortality

    Posted on July 22, 2014

    Cribs are possibly the most important investment a parent can make in their child’s safety. Cribs are the only product that a parent is meant to leave their child in alone and unsupervised. In America, there is a huge market… Read More

  • Join these moms to help keep kids safe

    Posted on October 14, 2013

    KID’s second annual Project Safe Child Fundraiser & Walkathon will take place this Sunday, October 20, 2013 at Cedar Creek Park in Wantagh, New York. The event is organized by Michele and Susan in honor of their sons, Tyler and Bobby, who both tragically lost… Read More

  • Words from a Champion: Guest Blog by Congresswoman Schakowsky

    Posted on August 7, 2013

    Congresswoman Schakowsky joined KID and others to mark the fifth anniversary of this landmark safety bill.  She offers these insights.   This month we mark the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), the most… Read More

  • LaJobi Cribs, sold under the Graco name, recalled today

    Posted on April 29, 2010

    This is the first of two crib recalls today. You can find more on the other here. LaJobi and CPSC announced the recall today of 217,000 Graco-branded drop-side cribs sold since February 2007. As with the other 7 million drop-side… Read More

  • New York State considers ban on drop-side cribs

    Posted on February 5, 2010

    On Feb 3rd, New York State Senator Charles J. Fuschillo and his fellow co-sponsors, Senators Saland and Skelos, held a public forum on a proposed ban on drop-side cribs. Parents, pediatricians and child safety experts were all in attendance. Thanks… Read More

  • CPSC initiates renewed efforts to locate Simplicity cribs

    Posted on December 17, 2009

    Prompted by the recent death of 7-month-old from Kentucky , CPSC has initiated a new effort to locate the recalled Simplicity drop-side cribs that have now claimed the lives of 11 infants. The cribs were manufactured by Simplicity and SFCA… Read More

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